Who We Are

The goal of the Youth Entrepreneur Camp is to introduce our youth, the future of our Riviera Beach Community, to available paths after high school completion, as early as possible.

During our 1st camp, we had the pleasure of presenting options and information to 14 students ranging in ages 13 to 17 years old. As you can imagine, early mornings during the summer can be a challenge but our participants powered through and were happy they joined us to hear from small business owners within our community. Each day of our camp starts with breakfast and a group session where we discuss an array of topics, answer questions and get the morning started. Several small business owners within our community visit our headquarters at Infinity Taxes and Beyond to speak, and we also go on field trips during the day to visit small business locations and hear additional speakers as well.

Presenters include Entrepreneurs from the Finance, Media, Medical, Restaurant and Business Development fields. The first day includes head shots for business cards we order for them. One of our 2018 participants mentioned he had a passion for photography, and was provided the opportunity to get behind the camera to snap a few of his fellow teammates.

This program is designed to introduce life skills, college goals and an entrepreneurial thought process at a young age, allowing the kids we can have the most impact on, an advantage they might not otherwise receive. As small business owners, we have all come together to mentor and build the next generation of those we know will become successful contributors to society!